Thursday, February 4, 2010

Update: Granny a Day

blocking- I steamed them with my iron. 
my first square my friend Jami's color picksmy favorite

my husband's color picks

my friend Drew's picks- he's a very patriotic army guy :)


Rosina said...

Hi :) You're blocks are looking really great to! My flower block pattern is out of one of those mini knit/crochet books that you can pick up at a yarn store :) It's by Red Heart and the ISBN is 7365079913. Perhaps your could find a copy or order it at a book store as they're pretty cheap and only cost around $4. Did you see the flower tutorial video that I shared just above the entry you commented on? It also shows how to make a crocheted flower that is super similar to the one I'm making :) Have fun completing your squares!

Ben and Sarah said...

They look great! I have a pile of 30+ squares that need to be put together! You're making such great progress.

emosback said...

Thanks ladies:)

Rosina- I did see the tutorial, thank you!
Sarah- Maybe we can put our blankets together- together? Get it? :)