Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Granny a Day

I have just joined the Granny a Day Challenge hosted by Meet me at Mikes.

I doubt I'll actually finish one a day, but I'm certainly gonna try! I've really wanted to make a granny square blanket for a while, so I figure now's the best time, or I'll never do it!

Thanks to Craft Matters- Granny a Day post, I too am in for the adventure!
As inspiration, check out Flick'rs A Granny a Day pool- it's pretty incredible to see all those beautiful squares in so many lovely colors!

I'll leave you with one of the fabulous images from the Flickr pool:

Pretty amazing huh?


sukigirl said...

Your first square is great!
Have you planned all your colours or are you winging it as you go?

I started a blanket when I first learned to crochet a couple years ago and I have enough for a very small afghan LOL.
But I think I'll make it into a bag someday. I'm thinking of taking a month to devote only to wips.
Good luck and have fun with your squares!

emosback said...

Thanks, and nope there is absolutely no plan. I am going about it as randomly as possible except that I do plan on adding a white/cream (haven't decided) border to each square and then join them with the white/cream to unify it.

kelli said...

oh my! I am so glad you popped up on my followers list (thank you!) I have wanted to make a granny square blanket for so long. The other day my sister sent me this link-

Gorgeous?! And then I find your blog and I am inspired all over again. Maybe this will be the year of the granny square for me finally? We'll see:)

emosback said...

Thanks so much :) That link is amazing! You should definitely do granny a day if you're thinking about making a blanket. But be warned, it's super addictive!