Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentines Day

As you all probably know Valentines Day is coming up so I figured now is a great time to feature some cute "Valentine themed" decorations in my house.  This idea came to me because my dear sister just bought a house and now has an amazing built in hutch where she can display her seasonal decor. Her blog "Keep it Simple" featured some of the decorations she came up with (all without spending a dime!) for her hutch and I was inspired. You can see her lovely decor here. So here are my results:

Everything was pulled from things I already had around the house, including a red frame with "Love" across the top, and a picture of Michael and I in it, a couple red boxes that normally hold my jewelry and trinkets, fake bright pink flowers (Dollar Tree purchase), and some hearts I cut out of scrapbooking scraps pinned on to extra pink curling ribbon I had laying around the house. 
I encourage you to "shop" your house for seasonal decor and find ways to make your house just a little more beautiful :)