Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby Blanket

Remember this from WAY back? It was one of the first squares I made for a baby blanket I had originally planned to gift to my niece Molly. I then found the ever so cute Sweet Pea Afghan at Lion brand's website and decided the pink and green design was perfect for Molly. Since then, the fluffy, pink blanket with stars has been utterly disregarded until, my dear friend announced she was expecting a girl. So I set off to make more squares and bought the same yarn in white to make a checked pattern in the blanket. After months and months of picking up and putting down this blanket, and as my friend's pregnancy quickly comes to a close, I have finally finished the blanket!

This blanket also is a free pattern,  "Twinkle Little Star Blanket" one that came off the back of a yarn label from Bernat Baby Coordinates. It can be found online here (keep in mind that the only thing required to access this free pattern is a free membership sign up that is super simple!). 
What I love about is that the stars are subtly hidden. It's super soft and warm for baby, and I added a custom trim from the stitchfinder section on Lion brand's website- a trim called Eyelet braid. It sort of echos the way the design shows the stars by leaving a pattern of holes in the crocheting.


Anonymous said...

I think its beautiful...just like YOU!