Monday, July 13, 2009

Crochet it up!

This is a bunny I finished last weekend made from a pattern on Lion Brand's website. My favorite features are 1: the adorable pink tail, and 2: the addition of wire in the ears so they are shapable! (That was my idea :o) ) This is one of many I'm adding up to a collection I hope to sell. I would love to get a more accurate idea on how much I should/could charge for something like this. Please let me know if you have any ideas.

I also made this cute little penguin-(modified from a pattern found on Lion Brand) to add to the collection, he's laughing :) This bone was made for my mother's dog- Piper. He's a little guy that loves toys, and every time I visited my parents and brought my crocheting stuff, he'd go crazy to try and get to my stuffed toys/amigurumi. So I knew I'd have to make Piper a toy to enjoy! He loved the bone and then also stole a turtle I made.
I also made a cute doughnut with pink frosting and chocolate sprinkles. It made me crave doughnuts really bad, so I hope someone else sees it and is equally tickled at the thought of a crocheted doughnut. The sprinkles are embroidered with dark brown yarn, and the frosting is simply sown on to the doughnut.