Sunday, July 12, 2009

Birthday days

Today I turned 23. It was a weird birthday in that, this is the first time I wasn't super excited thinking, "Ooo! presents, and treats, and birthday cards..." It sort of feels like this is my first real adult birthday, where it's cool that it is my birthday, but it's simply not that big of a deal.

Though it didn't feel quite that celebratory, my husband did an awesome job making me feel celebrated because he snuck into my scrapbooking supplies and made me a card! I was so proud of him, I had to post it!
On the inside he made an anagram of my name. My favorites are the Z's - the first one says, "Z is for ZAP. You zapped me with your voo-doo love and have me under your spell." and the next one is so sweet "Z is for Zero- the number of days I have loved you perfectly. Thank you for your grace!" I am so blessed.