Thursday, April 30, 2009

My battle with a beret

There is nothing that can compare with the feeling of completing a project coupled with the positive feedback from the one who received said project.

I started this beautiful beret for my sister, Hannah, and was super excited because she had begged and hinted for a while that she wanted it for her birthday. Meanwhile, I had already started one….tee hee! However, this was not one of those projects where you follow the pattern exactly and come out with the same thing as the picture shows. No, no, no, this was much different. I made this hat the first time, and the thing turned out as big as a pizza! It was giant…then I thought, “Well…she really wants this hat, just take it apart until you reach a reasonable size and modify as you go along.”

The second try seemed to be going smoother, it was all looking more like a beret than a giant doily, but then suddenly I was finished and it still wasn’t right. I put it on my head and it fit like a skull cap. Darn it.

Third try. Starting to become impatient, agitated, yet determined to get it right. This time I was so very careful to watch my increases in each round, and to modify only when I thought it was going to maybe be too big. At that point I started the part of the pattern that decreased, and finished the hat.

Final score: Beret- 2 Lizzy- 1!

One victory was all I needed- I had conquered the horrible pattern and had come out with a beautiful hat anyways! AND, I got it all done in time for Hannah’s birthday Here she is, wearing the hat with my mom, and my mom’s dog (she takes that thing with her everywhere…the dog, not the hat.)

And here she is with my cousin, Eilish. They’re both so beautiful

I think it turned out pretty good. It’s got this lacy look to it, and fits pretty floppy like the style is these days.

And the best part, the part like I mentioned before, is that she loved it. That was the reward :)

My last little little blurb is just to say that the cat toy I made for a friend was a huge hit! They next time I saw her, she showed me pictures of her kitten, Benny, playing with it. He had it wrapped around his body and had the ball in his paws. Guess he liked it:)


emosback said...

I had Major problems with the formatting on this one...i think it's because i copied over text from a Microsoft doc. Sorry if the text is too small in some places, and let me know if you know what I did wrong!

Alexis said...

Very cute! Already printed the pattern for the rose bud. Love it!!! Thanks for following!

AnniKae said... looks perfect on your sister.