Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Ok, so it's been a SUPER long time since I first mentioned this, but I finally finished him!

It's my design for an old-fashioned piglet! I couldn't find any decent patterns online when I wanted to crochet one, so I decided to write my own. Here's how he turned out:

What is my favorite part? So glad you asked! His ears are perfect, I just love how they turned out!

I gave him a test run this weekend with my niece, and she did exactly what I would have hoped for- she grabbed his little hand and walked around with him as if he were her best friend :) Just like what he did in the books with Winnie the Pooh- he's always holding Pooh's hand, and I think it's just adorable to see an 11 month old hand grasping onto him!

Now my dilema is, I have spent so much time making and designing him, I just don't want to put him in my etsy shop to be sold to some stranger. He is 100% original and I don't think they could appreciate that. Is that just silly? Maybe I'll keep him and give him to my child one day...ahh. Who knows?


penny banks said...

I Love Love Love Your Piglet. I Hope That Someday You'll Share This As A Pattern. I Love Crocheting Amigurumi. It's Sort Of Therapy For Me.
Penny From Michigan
Happy Crocheting