Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Easter Bunny Came!

Here are some photos from my time in my home town with my family for Easter:

Hubby and I on Easter Sunday

My adorable parents 

Game time! (sister Rach grinning) 

I won this game! (I'm the yellow) 
My mom never fails to feed us way too much good food. 

Brothers: My hubby, and Rachel's hubby Nathan :)
Molly's first Easter
I think she likes her pretty Easter dress! 
so cute! 
alright, this is the the last one. At least of my family, I'll do another post for my crafting while I was there! I just had to show you how Molly crosses her ankles like a lady, cause it's so cute!

Hope you all had a very blessed Easter celebrating that our Lord is risen, risen indeed! And that through that truth we know that by grace, through faith, in Christ, we will be risen and know eternal life too!
Thank you Jesus! 


RedFlame said...

you have a beautiful family, everyone looks so happy :) I have the same red starbucks mugs!