Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Teddy bear

I've been working away on my teddy bear design and have finished his head so far. I only had to modify my intended design a couple times, 1st because the head was getting to long and tube-like and 2nd because I forgot to add the eyes and nose before closing it up! But I really do like how he turned out.

It is fun to discover that I have the skills to make something that is in my head come to life!

I stuffed the head individually, then sewed the felt face on using a blanket stitch most of the way, and then stuffed that a little as well. I used blush to color his cheeks and ears, and both eyes and nose are those nifty safety features where they look like a bolt and nut.

The rest of the bear is yet to be done, but I do have most of his big butt shaped, and one bottom leg made and attached. The only problem is I have run low on my yarn in that color, so now I have to put it down until I can get into my craft store!

Oh well, looks like I'll be making more owls :)