Friday, August 7, 2009

The incredible miracle of life

Have you ever sat and pondered about the miraculous event that is called life? All the intricacies that must join all at once in the perfect order and place to create a tiny human being...not just an amalgamation of flesh and bones, but a living breathing being with a soul. The weight of that realization was almost too much to comprehend as I held my adorable niece sleeping peacefully on my chest. This little creature that has entered the world will one day make a choice for life or death and live out the rest of her days on this earth according to that choice. For me to watch and (hopefully) guide her along this journey of discovering her creator is an incredible blessing and very high calling. I only hope I can truly represent Christ to her showing her both love in my care and servitude to her as well as in my careful discipline of her. I know it will require of me lots of prayer and humility to be the best aunt to her as I possibly can be. Thank the Lord that while I have a responsibility to show her Christ, it is not my duty to choose Christ for her, that it is her decision and I can relax knowing God has her in His sovereign hands.