Friday, August 21, 2009

End of summer

I feel my summer is quickly coming to a close, and the peace and general slowness of life that I have enjoyed is soon to be stripped out from underneath me. I will be starting student teaching in just over a week, and I have also just been hired (the results of my job search from the beginning of the summer have finally caught up!). So I will be working part time at YMCA in their child watch center at night, and student teaching in the day. Thankfully this is my last quarter of school- and after this my life will get more of a normal rhythm without having to reorder/reorganize my life after every quarter to the new class schedule and whatnot.

In the hurry to do everything I desire before summer ends, I have been frantically throwing together projects (in anticipation of not having time to crochet with life getting much busier). Included in this project list: a bunny blanket for a friend's daughter. She lost her beloved stuffed bunny that has been her object of comfort since she was a baby. This was my effort to offer a replacement(her mom's replacement, a monkey her dad had as a child, has not been very well received)...we'll see how she reacts when I give it to her!

Next on my list of projects was this cute little giraffe. I made one just like it for my niece. I'm hoping to add this to my ever growing collection of things I can eventually sell...I don't hold much hope that I won't just give it as a gift to someone. I'm finding I have a habit of doing that. Oh well.

The good news is: both of these patterns can be found for FREE on where they now offer ALL their patterns for free! That's over 2000 patterns people! Get going :)


sanctified by truth said...

awesome! I've been searching for some good ones!!