Monday, June 15, 2009

My attempt at being fit

Today I had some errands to run, and all that was left for me for transportation to run those errands, with my husband at work with our good car, was our untrustworthy car or my bike (which I hadn't ridden in...months).

Looking at my two options I chose the healthier one- both because I would get exercise, and because I knew it was more likely I wouldn't be too hurt if I crashed my bike as opposed to a crash in the car with failing back brakes...

This turned out to be not so good of a choice. I thought, I'll ride down the hill, wear my cute sneakers, look all "fit", run my errands, and bring my water bottle in case I get tired. This line of thinking completely left out a very famous law Mr. Newton wrote...what goes up must come down, and just the opposite is true as well in this case. I rode down the hill and that was great! I got a little nervous going so fast so I feathered my brakes and did just fine. Going back... that was a different story. I found myself stopped halfway up the hill nearly dying from my asthma with no inhaler in sight and hating life and anyone who dared to stare at me panting on the side of the road, halfway up the hill.

The good news: I'm not dead, the errands are done, and my husband will be home soon with the car so I can stop pretending I'm one of those fit people who ride their bikes everywhere.