Friday, June 5, 2009

Hating finals

As a student in the last official quarter of classes before my student teaching experience, life has been pretty crazy lately. I've had absolutely no time to craft with all the things I must get done, and I can tell it's creating a block for the rest of my creative expressions. I'm trying to finish up my senior thesis paper right now- it is a paper discussing all aspects of my senior recital- yet I find I'm somewhat "backed up" from not using my creative side in a while. I even tried to start writing a song last night during my "brain break" from writing, got some decent progress in the chord progressions, yet got frustrated when I found myself stuck, and dropped the whole thing. I probably don't even remember the chord changes anymore.

Also on my plate is the search for a job. It's rather frustrating because I have little experience in the working field to call on, and though I almost have my degree and teaching certification, I don't have anything except my high school diploma and some college to note. To add to those drawbacks, I only need work until the end of summer, because I'll be student teaching in the fall. I know I would be way too overwhelmed and overworked if I tried to keep a job while student teaching full time. So I look at all those negatives and wonder how I'm possibly going to sell myself off as someone who must be hired by anyone in an interview situation.
...and my first interview is today. Hopefully I can summon up some self-confidence by then and prove to my interviewer that I'm worth hiring.

In the meantime, no crafting... just lots and lots of typing, editing, and filling out job applications.


NICO Designs said...

Ahhh. I remember those days of the end of the school year hair pulling and chaos.

Hope your interview went well. And it is about what you can offer them now--sell them on that for a bit of self-confidence.

emosback said...

thanks for your advice- i think my interview did go well. now i wait and see if they'll offer me the job!