Saturday, May 23, 2009

In the absence of my love

Happy Memorial Day!

The hubby is off on a 4 day back-packing trip for Memorial Day weekend with some close guy friends. So I'm left to my own to catch up on some projects (including blogging!).

Here he is all excited the night before the big trip with his pack ready and his new water-proof hat on. (He was like a little boy ready for the first day of school!)

I thought I would share some of the stuff I have been working on since I have had so much time to catch up.

This is the beginning of my very first afghan! I've been scared to do such a big project because I get bored and impatient of doing the same thing. That is why I chose a pattern where I could switch colors often enough that it just might keep my interest.

I'm super excited about this project because I actually intend on keeping and using the afghan. Rarely do I ever make anything to keep for myself- almost 100% of the time, I crochet for gifts.
My husband was shocked when I told him it was for us, and I wasn't planning on giving it to anyone. So, let me know what you think- I'd like to maybe try this again with another color combination as well. This is from Bernat's website collection of free crochet patterns- called the Zig-zag afghan.

This friendly little owl is going to be a gift for my sister-in-law for graduation. The pattern for him is from Lion Brand Yarn's website. (found here- I need a name for him though...I was also thinking about making a tiny little diploma for him too.

What do you think??

Lastly I'd like to give a little advice to those crocheters who aren't so good at making up their own patterns for things- Go to Bernat and Lion Brand Yarn's websites. Get signed up as a member- IT'S FREE! And you can start downloading hundreds of free patterns! Trust me, there's a lot of great stuff out there. :)